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Welcome to our new site!  We have a new home and are working hard to get it finished, don't forget to bookmark our new site, the old one will be going down soon!

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Update! We have the new Xinterface circuit boards in. We have two versions, male headers for connections, or 4” wire leads.

Xinterface USB Joystick Controller - Quit clicking with the mouse, start flipping switches!

All in one solution for building your own cockpit controls - axis interface for controlling rudder, elevator, aileron, throttle, prop, mixture, trim wheels, carb heat, speed brakes, reverse, toe brakes, views - anything where you need a joystick axis.  28 buttons with a hat switch lets you start building your own cockpit your way.  Combine several units for unlimited configurations.  Also great for helicopter simulators, race car simulators, train simulators and more.  Compatible with Windows, Linux, and Mac.
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    (Here's a quick and dirty animation example) ->
Landing Gear LED Module with Delay   

For extraordinary realism, add landing gear indicator LED's that have a realistic delay.  As you know, landing gear indicator lamps don't light up immediately after throwing the switch, it takes several seconds for them to indicate the gear is down and locked.  Very simple to connect.  Works for both 2 wheel indicators (like the DC-3) or 3 wheel, with extended delay for nose gear.  Choose our standard module or let us know if you need a customized delay time per LED and we'll modify it for you at no extra cost.
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7 Segment LED "Falsies"

Super inexpensive kits to add a touch of psuedo-realism to your cockpit.  Realistic 7 segment LED's for radios, altitude, vertical speed, heading, etc.  You set the digits you want displayed and then revel in the coolness!
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